About the business:

Access Lock & Security LLC is a mobile locksmith service that was born in January of 2007. As a mobile service, there is no storefront or commercial location. The “Shop” is on four wheels and comes to you. If you have lived in Missoula you have seen the van. Nine feet tall and canary yellow, the UPS style step van is hard to miss. If you haven’t noticed the van, you will after I have either provided services for you or answered your questions on the street. As I run into people I have done work for, they usually say “I see you everywhere” even though what they really see is the van. Access Lock is a “One man show” in that I Mark McMillin own and operate the business by myself. While at times it seems overwhelming, the overall benefit to the customer is that you always get the same person on the phone, on the job, and the quality of work is always the same…the highest and essentially unmatched.

About me:

While I consider myself a Montanan, I was not born here. I relocated here from the East Coast in October of 2003. Aside from working as a union electrician for a Railroad from 2000 until I moved to Missoula, most would say I was a “Jack of all trades.” I have done work in all phases of home construction and remodeling, and I do most (as time allows) of my own automotive mechanical work. As far as the overall spectrum of my experiences, I have: as a kid delivered newspapers and picked up after neighborhood dogs, worked at the dining hall in college, milked cows on a dairy farm, operated farm tractors and heavy equipment, loaded dairy trucks, and the list goes on and on.

I am where I am today because of my parents. While letting me find my own way, they were always supportive. They both worked hard and set the standards by example for my younger sister and I. Enough cannot be said about them. They are currently retired and living happily in the Midwest and they deserve it. My sister is doing well and has been in Texas for many years now.

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